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Option at Last! A Cheaper Way to Remove Unwanted Wrinkles!

Botox is a wonder drug that had already secured its place in every aesthetic medical practitioner all over the world. There was already an increased consumer demand awareness of its inherent safety profile. But now Botox may finally have a competition in the battle against wrinkles.

A new product had been clinically tested and utilized in Europe and South America with a promising result. It’s being marketed as Dysport and had been reviewed by FDA for US distribution and utilization. You can now avail of it as Dysport in Scottsdale AZ, from Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics.

Wrinkles are caused by the repeated contracting and tightening of muscles between and above the eyebrows. So with just 1 injection Dysport into each of 5 points in this area, which will block the signal to the muscles, reducing muscle activity and temporary prevention of muscle contraction resulting in frown lines. Frown lines aren't always caused by age, repeated frowning and squinting are its effects as well.

Dysport and Botox are forms of botulinum toxin Type A, extracted for safe use in human to relax muscles and decrease movement. Both are identical, biologically and chemically. Both are injected with the same actions, so patients couldn’t detect any clinical difference although Dysport acts faster than Botox.

Dysport may be new in North America but had always been a direct competition in Europe and other countries for many years.  Dysport is more diluted than Botox. The greater dilution doesn’t mean that Dysport is less effective. It’s mainly for the consideration of the injection specialist who performs the treatment.

Dysport diffuses more, so it could spread more over a broader area, after injection. It can actually be beneficial for treating wide areas like the forehead wrinkles, and thinner muscles like crow’s feet. With more diffusion, fewer injections are needed for desired results, meaning less discomfort from the treatment.

The major differences between Dysport and Botox:

  • The quicker onset of effects is noted with Dysport for about 30% of patients. Dysport kicks in more quickly within 1-2 days, while Botox may take 5-7 days for the effect to be noticeable.
  • Dysport and Botox units aren’t the same, so you can’t use the same unit for Dysport and you are using for Botox. The ratio is 2.5 units for Dysport and 1 unit of Botox. Meaning, it is 2.5 more times than Botox.
  • Dysport last as long as Botox for 3-4 months, although European study claims Dysport last longer, which is still something to debate about.
  • Dysport is slightly cheaper, for about 5-10%.

Dysport treatment can only take about 10-20 minutes. With no downtime, you can have the treatment while having lunch. If there is any problem in swallowing, breathing or speaking, seek medical help immediately. Avoid driving, operating machinery or do any dangerous activities.

The Dysport protein is slightly smaller so it works quicker. It has a faster onset and a cheaper price. So if you needed immediate result which is less expensive for a great party within the week, check for Dysport in Scottsdale AZ from Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics.



Dysport Scottsdale AZ

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