We are proud to have achieved Allergan’s prestigious Black Diamond status, placing their physicians among the top 1% of all medical aesthetic practices in the U.S.


Botox is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults for a short period of time. BOTOX can significantly relax expression lines, and other unwanted wrinkles. BOTOX can also creatively revitalize and “lift” certain facial muscles. Relaxing and lifting in one facial treatment can make a dramatic difference in your appearance!

As Black Diamond providers, Regency and Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale Arizona administer top-of-the-line BOTOX® treatments in Scottsdale AZ for that added oomph where you need it most. But our BOTOX® treatments do more than just reverse lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles such as worry lines, laugh lines, neck lines, crow’s feet and neck bands are caused by muscles under the skin contracting when we laugh, smile or express emotions facially. BOTOX® is so effective because it works on the root of the cause, the muscles. BOTOX® temporarily weakens the skin’s muscles, reducing its ability to contract. No contractions mean no wrinkles, and skin smoother, tighter and wrinkle-free skin. Allow our practitioners to “lift” your eyebrows, erase the “11’s” between your eyes, tweak your upper lip to revitalize your “cupid’s bow” and at the same time, lift your upper lip area.

Ever notice how your top lip gets longer as the years go by? Lifting the lip usually only takes 5 units of BOTOX Cosmetic. And, those little vertical lines on the upper lip? Also known as “smoker’s lines” unfairly, even if you never smoked, can be banished with BOTOX Cosmetic. We can reduce jowls, relax lines on your neck, and truly seemingly erase years, after just one treatment.

Crows Feet
Frown Lines

Our premium-quality BOTOX® treatments in Scottsdale Arizona are administered in a modern, well-equipped and hygienic facility, with the help of skilled technicians trained in medical beauty. BOTOX® treatments aren’t long, drawn-out procedures that require extensive pre- and follow-up appointments. Thanks to advances in medical beauty, BOTOX® treatments are as simple as getting a shot. Our patients typically see results in three to five days. It may take up to 14 days in some cases, although that’s very rare. The treatment lasts for three to four months. Patients who repeat the treatments every few months over a period of time and follow suggestions and recommendations typically see longer-lasting results. BOTOX® treatments are safe, easy to administer, and have no harmful side effects. And the best part is, it only takes a few minutes. Depending on the severity and area of the wrinkles, you’ll be up and away in ten to twenty minutes, with just a few BOTOX® injections. BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.


What Our Patients are Saying

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my results from the Botox and Juvederm injections I had with you on July 1st. I had just a little bit of pain the next day and one tiny bit of bruising which cleared up within a few days. I think I look fabulous smile and I feel years younger. I will definitely be back to see you when I visit my friend in AZ next time!! Thanks!” – LL
“OMG I met Joan today and I now have two favorites. What Jewels they are to the company. They are both so kind, knowledgeable, and willing to work with your every needs. They made me feel secure and confident when I was at the office. Plus they make me too cute!!!” – Anonymous
“Another fantastic experience at Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale Arizona is in the books. From the warm greeting at check in to incredibly professional and attention to detail oriented experience with the medical staff; I give two thumbs way up. What I appreciate most is the fact the medical staff always helps me look rested, refreshed and natural instead of ‘done.’”- Sherry T.
“I always have a great experience when I come to Regency. The administrative and clinical staff are absolutely amazing. I’ve seen both Joan and Mistie and they are truly masters at what they do. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – Gloria O.
“I have never had a bad experience in the years I have used A & E. Love the expertise and professionalism of MK Maloney, RN, who does my fillers. She uses her many years of experience to fashion the perfect outcome. Barbara, who runs the office, has been accommodating in planning appointments and handling my purchases over the phone. She runs a tight ship!”-Ann L.
“The entire staff at Regency is wonderful & very helpful… and I absolutely love Nicole! She understands me & the results that I want to obtain & she does a remarkable job!” – Diana C.

BOTOX Cosmetic works equally well for Men, as it does for Women

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, about 10 percent of all cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2012 were on men — that is almost 1 million cosmetic procedures. The number of cosmetic procedures for men increased by 106% since 1997. BOTOX® Cosmetic has also been clinically evaluated in male patients. In clinical studies for moderate to severe frown lines, 17.5% of patients treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic were men. In the clinical studies for moderate to severe crow’s feet, male patients comprised approximately 10% of patients treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic.

And, here’s some more good news regarding using BOTOX Cosmetic. After establishing your initial treatments and developing a regular treatment program, the more effective your future BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments will be. Like any muscles, our facial muscles, if unused, become weaker. This means that we can soften and weaken the “bad muscles” that age us. Most patients report less need for repeat treatments after initial treatments are established.

Other Uses for BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX Cosmetic has also been proven as effective medical treatment for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating to any part of the body). Patients routinely come in for treatment every six months. Additionally, effective relaxation of muscles on the skull can reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. By pinpointing exact points of pain and pressure we are able to inject at the site to reduce the severity of pain.

How to get started

BOTOX Cosmetic is reconstituted daily for use and is sold by the “unit”, which is a liquid injection measurement. The need for units is mandated by the strength of the muscles to be relaxed, so it is an individual measurement. Consultations are free, and an approximate cost can be estimated for the patient prior to the treatment. Call today for your complimentary consultation! Too busy to come in? Email us your pictures and our Patient Coordinator, or one of our Staff Physicians, will call you at your convenience, to let you know what changes you may expect with BOTOX Cosmetic and/or a filler.

Creative “Syringe Face Lift”?

The combination of BOTOX Cosmetic with a facial filler, such as Juvéderm™ Ultra, or Radiesse® can be even more dramatically rejuvenating! While relaxing the lines on your face, and lifting sagging facial muscles, such as eyebrows, we can also add volume, lift your cheeks, fill out your lips, and more, all in one treatment session. Hollowed eyes, distinct tear troughs, sagging hollow cheeks….all can be treated effectively with our “Syringe Therapy”, combining BOTOX Cosmetic with Radiesse, and/or Juvéderm Ultra.

Regency and Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics Earns Prestigious Black Diamond Status

Since 2012, Regency and Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics have achieved Allergan’s Black Diamond status, placing their physicians among the top 1% of all medical aesthetic practices in the U.S. Regency and Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics have the honor of being Black Diamond Status, the highest recognition level in the Allergan Partner Privileges Program. Allergan Inc., the world’s leading cosmetic drug company, is the maker of BOTOX® Cosmetics, Juvéderm® XC, Latisse eyelash enhancement, Voluma cheek enhancement, and more. They are among the only non-surgical medical practices in the Southwest to attain the Black Diamond level by the purchase and use of Allergan’s family of products ; which includes Breast Implants. Since they are a non-surgical clinic, they do not receive credit for the purchase of breast implants, which means they have to use the Allergan family of products above and beyond the norms of other aesthetic practices. In fact, Regency and Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics is among only 1% of medical aesthetic practices in the nation to receive this honor.

Black Diamond status places the sister med spas into the top percentile of all medical aesthetic practices that facilitate injections of BOTOX and Juvéderm XC. Allergan states that “The certification is awarded to leaders in the field of medical aesthetics and demonstrates their commitment to innovation, excellence and the highest level of patient care.” Regency and Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale Arizona are among the top distributors of JUVÉDERM and BOTOX in Arizona, a fact that helped them earn Black Diamond status. Another factor: Regency and Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics have the most experienced physicians, who stay current in a rapidly changing environment and receive ongoing training in the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, so that they may offer a broad selection of procedures producing natural-looking results without the downtime and strain of traditional surgery. Due to the rarity of this award, Regency and Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale Arizona would like to thank their patients for their loyalty and referrals, because they couldn’t have earned it with out them.

Brilliant Distinctions Loyalty Program

Enroll in the Brilliant Distinctions®  Program and earn points every time you receive a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment from a participating physician. Redeem your points for savings on your next BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment or on other select Allergan products such as Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, SkinMedica, and Latisse.  Call today to learn more about Botox in Phoenix (602) 283-2061 or Botox in Scottsdale (480) 771-6493.

  • Aesthetic Treatments: IPL Face & Hands - $250 per treatment
  • Injectables: VI Peel - $269 per treatment
  • Injectables: CO2 - $1899 per treatment

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