Vaginal Tightening Scottsdale

Why Should a Woman Consider Vaginal Tightening after Child Birth?

Vaginal tightening is a surgery to construct or reconstruct the vagina. It is the tightening of the pelvic muscles to attain or achieve the right elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles must be able to contract to maintain continence and to relax to allow for urination and bowel movements, for sexual intercourse and for giving birth.

Oftentimes, women experience vaginal looseness, which may be caused by traumatic childbirth, age, genetics, or a combination of both. From Adam & Eve Med Spa, came the newest innovation concerning the most intimate part of the woman, known as Vaginal Tightening in Scottsdale.    

Women can now choose vaginal rejuvenation using laser or surgical. Surgically done, the tissue is cut and tightened then re-stitched.  Patients are able to work in 4-6 weeks, no intercourse for 6 weeks.

Using laser for vaginal rejuvenation, no cutting is done. The laser is used to create an incision in the lining of the vagina. The surgeon tightens the vagina muscles and removes any excess tissue from the inner portion of the vagina. This decreases the diameter of the vaginal tube making it tighter. It is a painless and bloodless procedure, with very little downtime. It is processed in a series of 3-5 treatments, for best results.

Starting 2015, for vaginal rejuvenation procedures, it now involves the use of CO2 (carbon dioxide) or radio frequency vaginal lasers. These lasers are best for women with mild vaginal relaxation without pelvic organ prolapsed. It can also address vaginal atrophy, dryness, painful intercourse, sexual dysfunction urge continence.

Radio frequency or heat energy can be used for vaginal tightening to improve the appearance of the external genitalia. This procedure uses warm heat energy or radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen and cause tissue tightening. The amount of energy and temperature is constantly monitored to ensure patient’s comfort while delivering the adequate amount of energy to cause the collagen fibers to retract and remodel, tightening skin.  The treatment is safe and effective and can be performed in the privacy of the certified physician.

What are the benefits of vaginal tightening?

  • Apparent tightening of the vagina and rejuvenation of its natural flexibility
  • More pleasurable sexual experience and increased desire
  • Increase in the quantity and quality of orgasms achieve during intimacy
  • It also treats symptoms of stress urinary incontinence

Advantages of  laser vaginal tightening treatment:

  • It’s a pain-free procedure with minimal downtime
  • It can be done during lunch break that may only take 10-15 minutes or lesser
  • No anesthesia needed
  • Now a proven technology for long lasting and effective results
  • No more worries on vaginal dryness and stress urinary incontinence
  • Applicable to women 24 to 60 years old
  • To build collagen for long-lasting results, up to 5 treatments are needed
  • Long lasting results may vary depending on the severity of the problem

For women who had noticed symptoms related to your vaginal health that can affect your quality of life and lifestyle, take a visit to Adam & Eve Med Spa and check out Vaginal Tightening Scottsdale. Your sexual life will definitely take a 360-degree turn.






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