October 17, 2019


Updated Dec 18, 2021

Of the many issues a woman can develop postpartum or with age, vaginal and urinary tract irritation is particularly vexing. These conditions not only impact one’s self-image but also hinder physical activities and sexual pleasures. Stemming from a deficiency in estrogen, these common ailments often go untreated. Many women suffer in silence due to the sensitive and personal nature of the complications, concerned that nothing can be done or needs to be done.

Fortunately, there are exciting non-surgical approaches such as laser vaginal rejuvenation, that address these issues and help women return to a healthy and satisfying life. We know first-hand the difference this treatment can make in a person’s health and are dedicated to ensuring women understand the process and procedure.

How Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Works

Laser vaginal rejuvenation was developed to stimulate collagen production within the mucosa of the vaginal and urinary tract membranes. Utilizing a CO2 fractional laser, micro-lesions are created in the tissues, which help stimulate the growth of collagen. Painless and delicate, this procedure helps to recalibrate the physical make-up of these sensitive areas and restore the balance that has been missing.

What to Expect From the Procedure

Similar to a gynecological exam but without the discomfort, you will be escorted to an exam room. As you lie back on the exam table, with your feet elevated, your doctor will carefully insert a laser wand that repeatedly treats the tissues in an innocuous manner that is only discernible by slight pressure on the vaginal wall and minor sensitivity near the vaginal opening.

Once the initial treatment has been completed, you are ready to go home and begin the short recovery process.

What Can I Expect From the Recovery Process

During the immediate recovery process, the use of a feminine hygiene pad may be recommended to help with any vaginal discharge. Some patients may feel insignificant discomfort but can resume their normal physical and sexual activities within three days of receiving treatment.

Combined with the quick results, this uncomplicated and quick recovery experience makes laser vaginal rejuvenation an attractive option for incredibly troubling issues.

What Are the Expected Results

With such intriguing advantages, many women find themselves searching for the best, “vaginal rejuvenation treatment near me.” However, it is wise to understand what can be expected from the first appointment.

After the first treatment, women can notice a positive change immediately due to the following physiological reactions:

  • Balance – As the pH recalibrates, and settles into a balanced state, tissues become more resistant to irritants and infections.
  • Rehydration – The vaginal mucosa can rehydrate, reducing the occurrence of dryness that leads to discomfort and tissue damage.
  • Toning – Through rehydration, the epithelial tissues become more toned and flexible, which aids in proper urination and increased sexual pleasure.

These effects are stimulated from the outset, but they also evolve from each additional session. Though every woman’s situation is unique, it has been found that the best results come from 2-3 sessions.

What Are the Expected Benefits?

Through the regular stimulation of collagen in the vaginal tissues, patients can experience a tightening of pelvic walls that reduce incontinence and enjoy healthier mucosa that relieves vaginal dryness. These profound effects help women get back the life they lost, allowing them to focus on positive experiences rather than embarrassing conditions. By reestablishing normal sexual and urinary tract functions, women can resume the activities they love.

If you, or someone you know, struggle with vaginal and urinary tract issues, know that these discomforts are not unusual and help is easily found. Contact the professionals at Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics today and learn more about the relief that laser vaginal rejuvenation can bring to you.

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