Dysport or Botox? What's The Difference?


April 26, 2019

Updated: October 12, 2023

Botox and Dysport are both popular products for addressing common skin issues. These injectable medicines relax your facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Botox has been available in the U.S market for over two decades and is perhaps the better-known product between the two. However, Dysport has also become popular over the years. It’s been FDA approved since 2009 and provides many of the same benefits as Botox.

When comparing Botox to Dysport, here are the million-dollar questions that people ask; are the two products equally effective? Is there one that fits you better than the other? Should you switch from Botox to Dysport? What’s the cost comparison? Read on to find out.

What is Dysport?

Dysport has many similarities to Botox. Both injectables are non-invasive muscle relaxers that are used to correct a variety of age complications. By composition, Dysport is a botulinum toxin that causes your facial muscles to relax. It’s injected under the skin and directed towards targeted areas.

Dysport treats moderate to severe cases of wrinkles. After injections are administered, the muscles under your skin will relax and smoothen specific areas on your face. Results typically last for 3-6 months, after which you’ll need to go for additional dosages.

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What is Botox?

Botox fillers work in much the same way as Dysport. Both have the same active ingredient- botulinum toxin A. This weakened virus works by blocking nerve signals to target muscles, with the result being a softer and more relaxed muscle. With muscle relaxation, wrinkles and forehead lines are eliminated for certain periods of time. Botox injections are effective for 3-4 months.

Botox and Dysport are often used interchangeably because of their similarities. However, Botox is manufactured by Allergan- a company that exclusively serves the U.S market. Dysport had been popularly used in Europe even before the FDA approved it for local use in 2009.

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What’s the difference between Dysport vs Botox?

Dysport is more diluted than Botox. The difference in concentration typically occurs because Dysport uses smaller protein molecules to induce muscle relaxation. These smaller proteins are less likely to be broken down by antibodies, making the results of Dysport injections quite desirable for patients.

The concentration differences in Dysport also make it useful when treating large areas of the body. Dysport tends to spread quickly and relieve wrinkles on your forehead- including crow’s feet, and frown lines. Research also suggests that Dysport is 80% successful when used to treat wrinkles.

Botox and Dysport have different molecular weights

In addition to some of the composition differences between Dysport and Botox, Botox also has lower variability in molecular weight. Botox has a consistent molecular weight of 900 Kilodaltons, while Dysport has more variability in the protein sizes used to deliver its active ingredient.

This variability does result in one important difference between the two injectables. Dysport tends to diffuse easily across a large surface area after injection, which means that fewer injections are necessary to achieve your desired results.

However, the consistency in Botox molecular weight means that it can be used for more target locations such as the “11” between your eyebrows. Botox is also useful for specific areas around the mouth and underneath your eyes.

How significant are the differences between Dysport and Botox?

In most cases, Dysport and Botox can be used to treat the same cosmetic conditions. They have the same active ingredient, safety profiles, and working mechanism. Because they’re both injectable (and minimally invasive) muscle-relaxing agents, the differences that apply are quite few and far between.

However, it does help to know the best product you can use for treating a specific cosmetic condition.

Wrinkly eyes

As previously mentioned, the “11” that appears between your eyebrows may be better treated by Botox. Botox diffuses less and works great for small target areas on your face.

Crow’s Feet

When treating the fine lines that appear around your eyes (Crow’s feet), Dysport may deliver more desirable results. This is because Dysport diffuses easily to larger areas and relives more wrinkles in the process.

Forehead lines

Dysport may also be more effective for treating forehead lines because of how easily it spreads.

Another difference arises in terms of dosage. Because Dysport is more diluted, you may need a higher dosage of Dysport when compared to Botox. Of course, this all depends on how your physician prepares the dosage amounts.

At the end of the day, getting the best results will depend on how the injections are administered. When delivered in the right way, you may not notice a significant difference between these two medications. Healthy competition is also a good thing for consumers- as they will enjoy more competitive prices and higher quality products. Contact Adam & Eve Med Spa for more information.

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