Botox for Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition resulting in excessive sweating usually in the armpits or on the palms, feet or head. While sweating is normal and necessary to regulate the temperature of the body, excessive sweating at times can be embarrassing, inconvenient and disruptive to normal daily activities. Treatment for hyperhidrosis in Scottsdale involves injecting one of the neuromodulators, Botox, Xeomin or Dysport, into the affected area. The injections block the nerves that supply the eccrine gland and stop the sweating from occurring.

Who is Hyperhidrosis for?

Injectable treatments for hyperhidrosis are appropriate for men and women with mild to moderate symptoms. It is typically recommended that patients try topical treatments to control hyperhidrosis before resulting to neuromodulator injections. Having realistic expectations is also important before undergoing treatment.

Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics will conduct a thorough pre-treatment consultation at our med spa in Scottsdale, AZ to discuss your concerns and goals for hyperhidrosis treatment. With this information, we can best determine if hyperhidrosis treatment is the right choice for you.

What Should I Expect after Hyperhidrosis in Scottsdale?

Reduced perspiration is generally noticeable two to four days after hyperhidrosis treatment. Full effects often take about two weeks. The treatment will minimize sweating in one localized area of the body, but it will not impact normal, healthy sweating in other areas. Most patients have success after just one treatment. How long the treatment lasts varies from patient to patient and can depend on your lifestyle choices and level of activity. However, results typically last for several months and can potentially last for up to six months before re-treatment is necessary.

What Does a Hyperhidrosis Treatment Consist of?

Neuromodulator injections for hyperhidrosis treatment in Scottsdale are outpatient procedures performed by doctors, nurses and licensed aestheticians at Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics. To prepare for your treatment, it is important to understand and follow these guidelines. Avoid massages or laying directly on the treated area for four to six hours post-treatment. Waxing, tweezing and bleaching are best avoided at least 24-hours prior to your injections. Discontinue aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen about two weeks before receiving treatment to reduce the opportunity for bruising. If you take prescription blood thinners, it can increase your risk of bruising. Please discuss this with us, but do not discontinue any prescribed medications without having a discussion with your prescribing doctor.

On the day of your appointment, arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled procedure to allow time for paperwork and questions. Once you are comfortable in our treatment room, a nurse will mark the areas for treatment and begin injecting the neuromodulator. The process takes approximately thirty minutes total. Most patients report, at most, minimal discomfort such as a slight pinching, stinging or burning sensation. This can often be controlled with a topical anesthetic, if necessary.

You are free to return home or to work immediately after your treatment. Some swelling, bruising or redness in the treatment area is normal and can typically be controlled with cold compresses and Tylenol or ibuprofen. Do not rub or massage the area for a few hours. Avoid strenuous activity for the first day after treatment. If you have questions or concerns, give our office a call.

Schedule a Consultation for Scottsdale Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics invites you to build self-esteem and eliminate excessive and embarrassing sweat with safe and effective hyperhidrosis treatments in Scottsdale, AZ. Call us at (480) 575-6584 today to schedule your consultation.

Botox for Hyperhidrosis: FAQ

Hyperhidrosis surgery, or endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS), is generally a last resort if other methods have not helped ease your sweating. Specific other eligibility criteria can help determine whether the surgery is likely safe and effective for you. You might not be eligible if there is a history of the severe cardio-respiratory disease, thyroid disease, pleural disease, or other health concerns. These diseases may interfere with your ability to safely go through the procedure or your ability to reach the nerves safely.

Hyperhidrosis surgery is a relatively quick procedure that generally takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

There might be a risk of infection or excessive bleeding following your hyperhidrosis surgery, like any surgery. However, the video-assisted element of this procedure generally does not present any additional risks.

Patients that undergo hyperhidrosis surgery may experience compensatory sweating, particularly on the back, abdomen, legs, thighs, or feet. You may also experience a droopy eye, known as Horner’s syndrome, although this is relatively rare.

Hyperhidrosis surgery typically provides lasting results. As with any medical procedure, it is necessary to note that your specific response to the surgery may vary.

Hyperhidrosis surgery is generally a permanent solution to excessive sweating. Although we cannot guarantee that every patient will experience the same outcomes, your likelihood of experiencing any symptoms following your procedure is very low.

Although specific recovery times can vary from person to person, we typically recommend waiting at least two weeks to return to work and other everyday activities, potentially more if your job is primarily physical. However, most patients can go home the day of the procedure and manage pain reasonably well using over-the-counter medications.

Hyperhidrosis surgery does not eliminate your excess sweat–it simply redirects it from your hands to a less problematic part of the body. As a result, patients frequently experience sweating on their chest, back, feet, legs, or other body parts to compensate for the sweat that is no longer coming from their hands.

Although the sympathectomy is primarily intended to reduce sweating in the hands and underarms, it may also assist some people with facial sweating or blushing. Speaking to your doctor about the details surrounding your specific condition is a crucial step in determining whether a sympathectomy may be an ideal option.

Your overall insurance coverage of hyperhidrosis surgery largely depends on your insurance provider. Insurance companies generally only consider medically necessary procedures to be eligible for coverage, and hyperhidrosis can be viewed as a gray area. Although you may be able to provide sufficient evidence that your sympathectomy is a medically necessary procedure, you will be more likely to be approved if you have unsuccessfully attempted other treatment options first.

Horner’s syndrome is a relatively rare side effect of hyperhidrosis surgery characterized by a droopy eye. It can also be caused by other disruptions to the nerves of the face.

At Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics, we want you to feel confident that hyperhidrosis surgery is the right decision for you throughout every step of the process. We are always available to assist patients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, and nearby areas with any concerns they may have when planning an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have!

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