PRP Hair Loss Treatment

What is Eclipse PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Eclipse PRP hair loss treatment in Scottsdale, AZ is a natural treatment for volume loss, resulting in more supple and youthful appearance. Platelets are involved in various important roles in the body. In addition to their primary responsibility of blood clotting, platelets secrete growth factors to promote tissue regeneration. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) contains a higher concentration of platelets compared to normal blood. PRP is utilized as a safe and non-surgical alternative to effectively diminish wrinkles and scars.

Who is Eclipse PRP Hair Loss Treatment for?

The benefit of PRP is the flexibility in the treatment of various aesthetic concerns in all ages and skin types. Candidates include those with hair loss, women with decreased vaginal stimulation, as well as a general youthful complexion. Anyone currently on anticoagulant therapy is not an ideal candidate for these procedures. Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale supplies you a thorough consultation to determine if PRP is the right treatment for you.

What Should I Expect after Eclipse PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

The results from your PRP treatment in Scottsdale will depend on a few things including how far into treatments you are (if you need more than one treatment – most people do) and how quickly your skin heals. Most patients begin to see results in about two weeks, and greater improvements are often noticeable a few weeks after that. Optimal results are almost always evident about three to six months after you have completed your full series of PRP sessions, which typically includes three to six sessions, each spaced two weeks or more apart. Once you have experienced optimal results, expect them to last up to 18 months.

What Does a Eclipse PRP Hair Loss Treatment Treatment Consist of?

Preparation for your PRP extraction appointment is relatively simple and mostly consists of following healthy living guidelines and any personalized instructions provided by Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale. Avoid over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications starting about a week before your treatment. Starting about 48 hours prior to your treatment, avoid caffeine and alcohol. Come to our facility for your procedure well-rested, and eat and drink as normal throughout that day.

PRP treatments are relatively simple and take about 30 minutes to complete. Most patients report little or no discomfort. To begin, we will apply a topical numbing cream to the area of treatment or use an ice pack if injections are to be made in the scalp region. Then, Dr. Janson or one of our nurses will perform a blood draw. Next, the blood drawn will be spun down in a centrifuge, separating out the platelets and creating the PRP that will be injected for your treatment. Finally, the PRP will be injected or applied to the skin in addition to microneedling, depending on your exact treatment plan.

Immediately following your treatment, expect some bruising, redness, swelling, tenderness, or tingling. All of these symptoms are short-lived and will typically subside within a few hours. Cold packs can be used to provide relief from any discomfort. For the first day after your treatment, do not wash the skin or expose it to extreme heat including direct sunlight, Jacuzzis, or hot baths and showers. Avoid touching, exfoliating, or scratching at the injection site. If you are combining different therapies, most can be performed immediately after PRP by Eclipse but should then be avoided for about two weeks afterward. This will be discussed with you at your pre-treatment consultation with Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics. Serious side effects are uncommon with this procedure, but if you have any questions or concerns, seek medical advice or call us at Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale.



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Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale is a full service medical aesthetics facility offering you a wide range of services that can help you to achieve optimum beauty and health without surgery. Dr. Sonders and the team offer professional advice to help you make the right procedure choices when it comes to enhancing beauty, health and self-esteem. Constantly increasing our knowledge is something we are committed to. Our team participates in ongoing training and frequently reviews our best practices, products and procedures to ensure we provide innovative, safe and effective options and a personalized approach to medical aesthetics. As an Allergan Diamond status facility, high standards in patient care and innovative practices are always a priority and result in our top ranking among 1% of practices in the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eclipse PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Most patients begin to see results in about two weeks, and greater improvements are often noticeable a few weeks after that. Please note that most patients require more than one treatment for best results.