QWO® Cellulite Treatment

What is QWO® Cellulite Treatment?

QWO® Cellulite Treatment is an innovative solution to correct the tight tethers created by the fibrous septae. Using an FDA-approved injectable treatment of Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum-Aaes, the septae begin to dissolve and separate from the deep fascia and muscle tissue. As the fibers release, it reduces the appearance created by the fat that is trapped in between. Learn more about reducing cellulite in Scottsdale, AZ!

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Who is QWO® Cellulite Treatment for?

Although cellulite is a common concern, especially for women, QWO® Cellulite Treatment may not be the first-line solution for your concerns. These injections are best suited for women who have moderate-to-severe cases of cellulite, meaning a cellulite level or grade two or grade three. It has been approved for adult women between the ages of 18 and 78. If you are unsure of your level of cellulite and are considering QWO® as a solution for smoother skin, speak with a professional about your options to see if it is the best route for you to take. Since QWO® Cellulite Treatment is a non-surgical option that only involves injections, it is less invasive than some of the other solutions on the market.

How Does Cellulite Treatment Work?

 To understand what QWO® Cellulite Treatment is and how it works, it can be helpful first to understand the mechanism of how cellulite works. Most people recognize the appearance of cellulite dimples on the skin, most often on the buttocks and thighs. This uneven skin is typically caused by fat that becomes trapped between the fibrous bands tissue, also called septae, that connects the skin to deeper tissues such as muscle. Severe cellulite can develop as a result of genetic, vascular, hormonal, or inflammatory conditions, so avoiding its development is not always possible, even when maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight.

What Should I Expect after QWO® Cellulite Treatment?​

Since QWO® Cellulite Treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, most people experience very little downtime or side effects after a treatment session. The most common side effects are swelling, bruising, or mild pain for up to two weeks. The swelling usually lasts for only a few days, and if the pain is bothersome, a basic over-the-counter pain reliever should be sufficient to relieve the symptoms. Noticeable results can occur in as little as three weeks, with continued improvement over time. A full effective treatment plan involves up to three sessions, so your full results will not be evident until three weeks after the final session. Although QWO® is a new treatment of cellulite that became available in 2021, the clinical studies and initial client results are promising. Even though QWO® or any other treatment for cellulite may not resolve the problem completely, a great reduction and smoother appearance of uneven bumps and dimples is the goal.

What Does a QWO® Cellulite Treatment Treatment Consist of?

Typically, QWO® Cellulite Treatment involves a series of three sessions with visits scheduled at least 21 days apart. During these sessions, tiny needles are used to inject the medication into the dimpled areas of most concern, as identified by the practitioner.

The injections have been cleared by the FDA for treating mild to severe cellulite formation in the buttocks of adult women but may be successful in treating thigh areas as well.

The time it takes to administer the injections during each session is typically less than ten minutes, and the number of injections per session is determined on an individual basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About QWO® Cellulite Treatment

Although many clients have found success with other non-surgical treatment options for the appearance of cellulite, QWO® Cellulite Treatment offers a modality that is different from the mechanisms used during other options such as Velashape®. During Velashape®, the skin is stimulated to produce more collagen while the fat cells are simultaneously heated, allowing the fibrous tissue to re-mold in a different way. Although there is no way to guarantee that QWO® Cellulite Treatment will provide better results than Velashape® for a specific client. The results from clinical studies are very promising. QWO® has undergone some of the most rigorous testings for procedures of its kind, providing a plethora of information to treatment providers and clients alike.