PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal

What is PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal?

PiQo4 is a laser pigmentation and tattoo removal treatment in Scottsdale stimulates the body’s collagen production and healing process to naturally remove color from the skin. The PiQo4 technology differentiates itself with its versatility and ability to remove a wide spectrum of colors from all types of skin. The laser treatment works to shatter pigment deposits and ink particles deep below the dermis.

Who is PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal for?

The PiQo4 is first and foremost a tattoo removing treatment, but it also can treat skin pigmentation concerns such as melasma, acne scars, uneven skin tone, and even period after birthmarks. The PiQo4 laser does not use heat, but rather attacks and destroys pigment deposits through acoustic energy that stimulates neocollagenesis. This is a safer option for all types of skin and treatable pigmentation, especially on darker skin tones. The PiQo4 also has the largest spot size on the market, making it a much quicker process than other leading tattoo removals. The large spot size and matrix technology effectively removes pigment of all colors and sizes.

Benefits of PiQo4:
– Largest spot treatment size, by far
– Deepest skin penetration
– Four light wavelengths for all ink colors
– Most accurate calibration
– Ability to be used on darker skin tones

What Should I Expect after PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal?

There is little to no downtime associated with the PIQo4 laser, but the treated area might be tender and pink for the first day following the treatment. Proper aftercare directions will be provided by your doctor, but it is advised to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen on the treated area. The amount of sessions necessary to achieve optimal results differs depending on person as well as pigment size and color. Most achieve their desired outcome after 3-5 treatments, which are typically scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. As each session takes place, you will see your pigment slowly fade until it is gone.

What Does a PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Consist of?

The PiQo4 treatment in Scottsdale utilizes matrix technology that offers 4 wavelengths, making it suitable to treat the broadest range of pigment/tattoo colors. The device itself offers 15 spot sizes, ranging from 2 mm to 15mm, the largest being almost four times larger than many leading tattoo removal lasers within the aesthetics industry! This large spot size allows for differentiated dispersal of pigment or imbedded ink particles. Studies have demonstrated the PiQo4 laser to provide differentiated results in significantly fewer treatments and side effects.

PiQo4 works by sending short and high energy laser pulses to the skin. The skin’s absorption of this energy induces the conversion of light energy into acoustic waves, which shatters ink and pigment particles. The laser is customized between nanosecond pulses, which deliver short bursts of energy to break down larger and deep pigment particles, and picosecond pulses, which disperse smaller and shallower particles.

In a nutshell, the PiQo4 offers advantages of traditional, nanosecond-only lasers in the following ways:

  • Fewer treatments required
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Greater efficacy


The PiQo4 delivers a safe, fast treatment with immediate results, minimal downtime, and fewer office visits for those seeking laser tattoo removal in Scottsdale. It also treats other pigmentation issues, as well, including age spots, sun damage, and general skin texture and appearance. The fact that it works for those of different ethnicities is a wonderful breakthrough.



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PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal in Scottsdale, AZ

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Frequently Asked Questions About PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal

Most people will see results after 3-5 laser tattoo removal treatments scheduled 4-6 weeks apart depending on pigment, size, and color.

Tattoos present several challenges when it comes to removal. First, the type and color of ink influence the level of difficulty of its removal. Historically, darker skin types and darker tattoos have been more challenging than lighter skin types when it comes to laser treatments. Second, those with immune issues are sometimes unable to participate in laser treatments. Third, those who previously attempted laser removal with minimal success can be more difficult to treat in subsequent treatments due to ghosting.

Ghosting is when a laser tattoo removal treatment leaves behind a shadow or a lightened version. This is due to photothermal changes to the melanocytes that often occurs with the sole use of nanosecond technology. PiQ04 uses both pico- and nanosecond lasers so that less ghosting is present.

PiQo4 cost depends on the area being treated. Tattoo removal requires multiple treatments so the cost is determined by the number of treatments required to be effective, as well as the size of the treatment area. PiQo4 is often less expensive than other tattoo removals in Scottsdale due to its ability to treat a larger area and requiring fewer visits.

At Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale, Arizona, we take your comfort seriously. We are sometimes able to use a topical numbing gel with cool air to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Initially, your tattoo should develop a slight frost or crust that flakes off and heals over the course of a week or so. You should notice a lighter appearance of the tattoo, which gradually progresses with each treatment.

PiQo4 is specifically designed to be effective on hard-to-treat ink colors, such as black and red. If you have attempted laser tattoo removal before and experience ghosting, you still have a great chance to respond with PiQ04 laser treatment. The use of picosecond technology over nanosecond technology can often produce much better results.

Clients can still get tattoos on the areas that have been treated with PiQo4 laser treatment; however, we recommend waiting at least a minimum of three months so that the skin and pigmentation have a full opportunity to heal and reset.