Dermaplaning Facial

What is Dermaplaning Facial?

A Dermaplaning facial in Scottsdale, AZ is a safe and highly effective physical exfoliation treatment. It is non-surgical and requires the use of a sterile blade to gently scrape the skin. This removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells and fine hairs on the face, revealing a smooth and vibrant complexion. Dermaplaning is typically performed on the face and will sometimes include the neck. Dermaplaning is a clever way of triggering cell regeneration to improve the texture of your skin.

Who is Dermaplaning Facial for?

Dermaplaning facial treatment is generally safe and effective for healthy men and women. Those with very sensitive skin, excessive and active acne or pigmentation irregularities might not be good candidates for this procedure. These problems could potentially worsen following treatment. Those using Accutane must wait six months before scheduling a Dermaplane facial session. To best determine if you are a good candidate for Dermaplaning in Scottsdale, consult with a professional aesthetician at Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics. We will review your medical history, analyze your face, discuss your goals and concerns and develop a safe and effective treatment plan that is right for you.

What Should I Expect after Dermaplaning Facial?

Dermaplaning is an on-going treatment, but after each session, changes are noticeable within a few days. Most patients schedule monthly sessions with Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics to complete their facial treatments in Scottsdale. With regular treatments, patients notice a healthier glow and smoother skin. Combined with a chemical peel, results are enhanced and a more significant change is noticeable.

What Does a Dermaplaning Facial Treatment Consist of?

Dermaplane physical exfoliation treatments are performed as an outpatient procedure with no downtime. They are safe, but to enhance your session, it is important to follow a bit of advice when preparing for your treatment. If you are using at-home chemical exfoliation treatments including retinol, serums, or facial polishes, discontinue using them three to five days before your appointment with us. Skin cells take a bit of time to renew, and discontinuing exfoliation allows them to do that so you maximize the effects of your Dermaplaning session. It is also important to stay out of the sun for about five days prior to your treatment. If you are planning to schedule Botox or another injectable filler session with Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics, do so after your Dermaplaning treatment in Scottsdale is complete. If you wax, wait two weeks after Dermaplaning to resume.
At your Dermaplane facial appointment, your skin will be cleansed and dried to prepare for treatment. Oil will then be applied to help the scalpel run smoothly across your skin. The skin is held taut, starting at the forehead, and the scalpel is gently stroked against it at a 45-degree angle. You may experience a slight scraping or tingling sensation, but the procedure is generally pain-free. You will finish up with a warm towel wrap to calm the skin and relax you, and then you are free to return home or go about with your daily routine.
After your treatment, avoid heavy exercise, excessive heat exposure, and the sun for about three days. Facial waxing should also be avoided for seven days, and any Botox or injectable filler treatments should wait two to four weeks. Do not pick, scratch or itch the treated area. Avoid exfoliating at home for about two weeks, and use the recommended products suggested to you by Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call.

Why Choose Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics?

Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale is a full-service facility staffed by doctors, nurses, and licensed medical aestheticians. Our team understands skincare, beauty treatments, and anti-aging remedies. We make effective treatment recommendations based on your goals, concerns, and the condition of your skin. Whether your program includes Dermaplaning, Botox, laser hair reduction, or a combination of treatments, your safety and comfort are always a priority. Remaining up to date on the latest innovations in medical aesthetics and skin care treatments means we participate in ongoing training so our menu of products and services is always revolutionary, customizable, safe, and effective.

Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in patient care and innovative practices continues to earn us recognition as an Allergan Diamond status facility and a ranking in the top 1% of practices across the United States.
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Patients in the Scottsdale area may struggle with dry, under-exfoliated skin due to the hot, arid temperatures of our climate in Arizona. It’s important to take care of your skin by wearing sunscreen, using a gentle cleanser, and choosing your exfoliating treatments wisely to maximize the health of your facial skin. Get in touch with Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics today to schedule your dermaplaning facial! We look forward to helping you glow.

Patients who are searching for high-quality facial skin treatments may wish to take advantage of a dermaplaning facial. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive exfoliation treatment that allows for newer, fresher-looking skin. Get in touch with us to ask questions about this type of facial and other procedures, and read more about dermaplaning Scottsdale below!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning does not cause hair to grow back darker or thicker. It also does not increase hair growth in the treated area. Skin is smooth and exfoliated after dermaplaning.

For most patients, Dermaplaning results last about 4 weeks before the procedure needs to be repeated. It is also possible to extend the results with proper in-home skincare.

Yes, Dermaplaning can be combined with other treatments. Your aesthetician can help you determine the best combination of treatments and products to achieve your goals.

Dermaplaning practitioners use a small, sterile scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells as well as the fine hairs on your face. The rationale behind this procedure is to exfoliate the skin with tiny, feathery strokes and also to trigger cell regeneration. It’s basically a more intense version of using an exfoliating product on your face. Though some people refer to dermaplaning as simply “shaving” your face, it’s a much more complicated treatment that exfoliates one of the most delicate areas of your body. Before you locate your razor and mirror at home, know that it’s best to leave this activity in the hands of the professionals and their sterile instruments.

Because your skin cells will naturally regenerate every few weeks, we recommend receiving a dermaplaning session every three to four weeks. If you wish, it can be combined with our other services, such as dermal fillers or additional body treatments as well. There is no medical downside to waiting longer than this between appointments, but if you do, you may notice that the smooth, silky texture you’ve grown to love after a dermaplaning facial fades over time.

You can expect to pay up to $150 for your dermaplaning session. Remember to choose your practitioner wisely and be wary of any “deal” that offers you a quick dermaplaning session for a shockingly low price — unless you’re familiar with the establishment and the practitioner who’s offering it.

Dermaplaning allows for the quick exfoliation of dead skin cells that may be getting in the way of your beauty routine and obscuring your skin’s natural, healthy glow. It will also clear any fine hairs from the facial area. Putting on foundation or moisturizer will be easier after a dermaplaning session as these substances will not settle on a rough, uneven surface. Most people find dermaplaning to be very relaxing, and they appreciate that they can immediately return to their usual activities after undergoing this exfoliation treatment.

Overall, dermaplaning is extremely safe as it is non-invasive, requires no stitches, and does not necessitate a long recovery period. Our practitioners use sterile instruments that are designed for surgical use (though there will be no cutting during a dermaplaning appointment). Healthy adults should be able to undergo a dermaplaning facial without a problem.
If you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition or you have a skin issue that affects your face — such as rosacea, acne, or extremely sensitive skin — you may wish to either wait until your flare-up is over or speak with your physician. It’s important to speak to your physician to determine whether dermaplaning is right for you. We have many other options that may be more appropriate for sensitive skin or for those who struggle with other skin conditions.

It’s recommended to schedule a dermaplaning facial about three to four weeks after you have had your last one. Doing it again too soon may leave your skin feeling red and raw while waiting too long can result in your skin feeling rougher than usual. Exfoliation is good for your skin because it increases facial circulation, unclogs your pores, and helps even out any inconsistencies in your skin tone. Too much of a good thing, though, will not serve you well in this case! Stick to the schedule your provider recommends to have youthful, happy skin.

No! It’s a common myth that shaving any hair on your body makes it grow back thicker. Though you may feel a tiny bit of stubble as the hairs grow back in, this is a normal sensation, and it will go away when the hair grows back completely. Your facial hair will not grow back darker, thicker, coarser, or change to a different color than it was before you had a dermaplaning session.

No, it should not hurt. Dermaplane practitioners use a small, sterile blade at exactly the right angle to create a scraping sensation — not a cutting or scratching feeling. It’s important to find a medical spa or clinic whose staff is licensed and certified before you book your first appointment to make sure you are afforded the highest quality of treatment possible. Choosing a practitioner with expertise means that they have likely had hundreds to thousands of hours of performing this type of facial before.