The Difference Between Dermaplaning & Shaving

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After a few celebrities, including ex-New Jersey Housewife star Caroline Manzo and aesthetician Kate Sommerville, recently admitted to shaving their faces, more and more women are choosing to shave their faces too.

If you decide to jump on the bandwagon, and you should, we want to help you better understand the two most popular shaving methods – traditional facial shaving vs Dermaplaning – so you can appreciate just how much better a Dermaplaning Facial really is.

What’s the Difference Between Shaving and Dermaplaning?

Since the two procedures are both primarily concerned with shaving the face to remove facial hair, a lot of people often confuse traditional shaving and Dermaplaning. The two are not the same.

Traditional Facial Shaving

Traditional facial shaving is best demonstrated by how men shave. You go to the shop, buy a shaver, go back home, and trim your hair on your own.

Dermaplaning Facial Treatments

Dermaplaning is a little different as it’s done with a special, single-use blade. More importantly, there are even professional Dermaplaning Facials for those who want the best possible results. Professional Dermaplaning is characterized by the following;

  • It’s exclusively performed by professionals: You cannot perform professional Dermaplaning on your own for two reasons. First, the procedure is performed using a sharp, surgical-grade blade, making it a risky process for inexperienced people. Secondly, professional Dermaplaning involves swift, delicate strokes, further increasing the risk of cuts if you’re inexperienced.
  • It’s only performed in the aesthetician’s office: Professional Dermaplaning cannot be performed at home. The procedure is typically performed at a medical spa, in an aesthetician’s office. One reason for this is that a few more tools are involved and closer observation is necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

So, what are Dermaplaning benefits, and what makes Dermaplaning special? The results!

First and foremost, Dermaplaning treatment removes facial hair and does a much better job at it than shaving your face on your own. Professional Dermaplaning, in particular, gives exceptional results because of the special blade. The blade is much sharper than those designed for DIY Dermaplaning.

Secondly, since experienced professionals perform the procedure, you can expect them to target and handle troublesome spots better, leaving you with a soft face that looks and feels smooth. In addition to removing facial hair, Dermaplaning benefits also include the following:

Exfoliates the skin

Although the majority of women mainly see Dermaplaning as a pain-free alternative to facial shaving, it’s arguable that the procedure’s most significant benefit is its non-abrasive, chemical-free exfoliation qualities. Every woman who wants that smooth, soft face understands the importance of fighting dead skin cells. If left to be, dead skin cells often result in blackheads and whiteheads that even the best makeup cannot cover.

Dermaplaning is one of the best ways to exfoliate the face. Unlike Microdermabrasion Treatment and other exfoliation techniques, it’s non-abrasive and chemical free, making it an excellent choice for soft skins.

Anti-Aging Properties

First, you need to understand how anti-aging solutions work. Anti-aging formulas, for example, don’t reverse the aging of the skin. What they do is prevent any further damage while reducing the appearance of the damage already caused. This way, the skin is left looking fresher and younger.

Dermaplaning has a similar effect. A professional Dermaplaning procedure shaves off that entire top layer of dead skin, reducing the impact of acne scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. The result is usually a fresher, revitalized skin that gives a younger appearance.

Quick & Painless Facial Treatment

Unlike traditional shaving and other hair removal solutions that come with the risk of cuts and other forms of pain, a professional Dermaplaning Facial is quick and painless. No chemicals are used; therefore, there’s no irritation. Also, no numbing agent is used, so you don’t have to worry about potential side effects. Since trained, experienced professionals perform the procedure, the risk of cuts is also non-existent.

With regards to duration, although the aesthetician will take their time to carefully and meticulously exfoliate the top layer of the skin, the procedure rarely lasts more than 30 minutes.

Myth Debunked: There are a few myths out there about Dermaplaning that are keeping many people from trying the procedure. One such myth is that after the procedure, your hair will grow back thicker. This is biologically impossible. There are two types of hair in the body – vellus and terminal. Vellus hair is the soft, brown hair that grows on the face and around the earlobes. Terminal hair, meanwhile, is the tougher hair such as the hair on your head. It is biologically impossible for vellus hair to turn into terminal hair.

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