Can You Have a Procedure With a Cold?

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June 3, 2022

A common cold is never fun to deal with; however, a cold can be much more challenging if you have a procedure scheduled. Many patients are concerned that a cold might make their procedure more uncomfortable. Some patients wonder if they should postpone their procedure until they feel better. So, if you have a common cold before a procedure, what should you do? Can you have your procedure with a cold?

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Illness May or May Not Delay Procedure

Every day, medical appointments  are canceled all across the world. Almost one out of every four such incidents was associated with changes in the patient’s health.

Can you have procedure with a cold? Can you have procedure with a stuffy nose? There are a few considerations to this. If you have influenza the day before an elective procedure, it’ll likely have to be rescheduled. 

A respiratory infection or stomach flu can also cause the procedure to be postponed. The length of time it takes for an illness to resolve also plays a role in the decision. For example, after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment, strep throat is no longer contagious, so the procedure will most likely not be postponed.

Your physician will generally make the final decision on whether or not to proceed. They’ll consider factors like the severity of your disease and the treatment you’re planning.

When to Notify Your Physician

If you become ill in the days leading up to your procedure, notify us as soon as possible. Only your physician can determine whether your symptoms are severe enough to warrant a postponement.

If you get a mild illness in the week leading up to the procedure, or a moderate to severe sickness in the two weeks leading up to the procedure, call as soon as possible.

Conditions That May Delay Treatment

Some conditions that may delay a procedure include:

Breathing Problems

Breathing problems can cause a procedure’s postponement or cancellation. People undergoing anesthesia are at risk of experiencing breathing difficulties, including pneumonia.

As a result, pulmonary function tests may be performed to ensure the patient is breathing properly.

Contagious Illness

A contagious disease like chickenpox or Covid-19 will likely cause your procedure to be postponed. Unless the operation is so urgent that it cannot wait, you can expect it to be deferred until you are no longer contagious.


Any infection a week or two before planned procedure may lead to delay. Minor infections such as Urinary Tract Infections may not cause postponement, depending on the treatment area. However, major infections such as sepsis may cause delay. Further, elective surgeries should be postponed for eight to ten weeks after diagnosis for immuno-compromised people.


Any incidences of vomiting may lead to procedure delay as vomiting may cause aspiration pneumonia, a severe condition.

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