Chemical Peel vs Microdermabrasion: Which is Better?

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April 25, 2022

Have you noticed your skin isn’t as bright and radiant as it used to be? Do you have rough patches or uneven pigment? Dull, rough, and uneven skin happen for various reasons—dead skin, dirt, and pollutants build up, leading to dull skin. The sun, stress, a poor diet, and cigarette smoke are just a few things that can have your skin looking less than its best.

Retail skin products will only go so far when it comes to transforming your skin. If you want to recapture a smooth, glowing complexion, chemical peels or microdermabrasion are ideal.

While chemical peel and microdermabrasion may sound a little intimidating, these are both minimally invasive skin treatments that have been proven safe and are done at your local dermatologist or med spa. 

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

Microdermabrasion is a no-downtime way to get glowing skin. By using crystals or diamond tips and a wand with a vacuum, microdermabrasion gently removes dead skin, dirt, and other impurities, revealing smoother, more radiant skin. The process is virtually painless and doesn’t take long at all.

What Happens After Microdermabrasion?

Unlike dermabrasion, microdermabrasion doesn’t require any real aftercare, and there is no downtime. Your skin may be a little red and very slightly sore, as though you have a sunburn. No aftercare is needed other than a rich moisturizer to stave off dryness. It is essential to avoid the sun as your skin will be more sensitive.

How Does A Chemical Peel Work?

A chemical peel uses exfoliating acids to work deep into the skin, removing dead skin cells and stimulating collagen growth. Chemical peels utilize glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, even out pigmentation, and treat acne and acne scars. Sometimes, a combination of acids is used, and they may be delivered in varying strengths, depending on your goals.

What Happens After A Chemical Peel?

Depending on the strength of the peel, your skin may feel sore, and there may be some minor swelling. There will be redness that should fade after a few days. Your esthetician will give you comprehensive aftercare instructions that may include a specialized moisturizer to help speed healing. You’ll be instructed to avoid the sun as your skin will be very sensitive.

Microdermabrasion Or A Chemical Peel For Acne?

You are better off going with the chemical peel when it comes to acne. Microdermabrasion may potentially irritate the skin, while the chemical peel can penetrate the layers of skin using salicylic acids to help relieve existing acne while fading the appearance of scars and giving your skin a healthy glow without causing further flare-ups.

Microdermabrasion Or A Chemical Peel For Wrinkles?

Microdermabrasion vs. chemical peel when it comes to reducing wrinkles depends on your needs. Microdermabrasion will be just fine if you have a few fine lines you’d like to see diminished. If you have deeper wrinkles, it’s better to go with a more intensive chemical peel. Chemical peels can be tailored to your skin’s individual needs by using or combining specific acids in varying strengths to get you the results you want.

Microdermabrasion Or A Chemical Peel To Repair Sun Damage?

Microdermabrasion will work wonderfully if your skin is a little rough and uneven due to sun damage; however, if you have sun spots, rough patches, uneven pigment, and the wrinkles that typically go with sun damage. In that case, you’ll want a chemical peel designed to help with discoloration and texture.

Is It Okay To Get A Chemical Peel And Microdermabrasion Together?

Is it one or the other, or can you use both? The answer is yes, you can. Using microdermabrasion before your chemical peel can help prep the skin and allow the acids to penetrate deeper into your skin’s layers. Using both helps with a more intensive exfoliation and stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Microdermabrasion And Chemical Peel Treatments In Scottsdale

Whether you want to refresh your skin and get it back to glowing or looking to repair years of sun damage or the premature signs of aging, Adam And Eve Medical Aesthetics can help you achieve your skincare goals. Contact us today to learn more about microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

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