Get PDO Thread Lift Instead of a Facelift

Get PDO Thread Lift Instead of a Facelift Skin Tightening December 11, 2018 Dermal filler, injectables, laser skin rejuvenation, skincare regimens – countless coins into the fountain of youth. If you are anything like the majority of us, you have tried just about everything to avoid the big F word – Facelift. And while all […]

Radiesse Butt Lift

Radiesse Butt Lift Aesthetic Treatments March 7, 2023 Thinking of getting a butt lift but don’t want to endure surgery? Let’s dive into the Radiesse Butt Lift. What you need to know and why it may be right for you! What is Radiesse? Radiesse is a FDA approved dermal filler consisting of calcium hydroxylapatite, a […]